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Yorkie Video Master

Intelligent Yorkie

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See how Vicki shows her intelligence by retrieving each toy/stuff animal requested by Mom. Vicki’s wearing a cute blue dress as she performs all the retrievals. What an intelligent Yorkie.

Feeding Yorkie Right Meal

Feed Your Yorkie with the Right Meal

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Yorkshire Terriers are very small dogs, that’s why it is difficult for the owner to consider the appropriate quantity of the food for the dog. Overfeeding and underfeeding might result… Read more »

Feeding Yorkie

How to Feed a Yorkie?

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If you are keeping a Yorkie appropriately feed, it is the most important part of taking care of the dog. The quality of food that you feed your dog has… Read more »

Yorkies - Harness or Collar

Which is More Suitable for Yorkies – Harness or Collar?

The appearance of the dog is very important. The hairstyle and harness or collar play a significant role in the dog’s look. There are many owners who want to make… Read more »