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Yorkie Video Master

Yorkies Puppies Enjoying Playing

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Several cute Yorkie puppies are out on the terrace in their plastic play tub, with blankets & toys, enjoying the outdoor. One of them finds a puppy carrying basket beside,… Read more »

Excessive barking problem of yorkie

How to Reduce Yorkie’s Barking?

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It is quite natural for a dog to bark and it is the only way of expression for communicating their needs. You have to recognize the reasons of barking and… Read more »

Parti Yorkie

How Parti Color Evolved in Yorkies

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Usually, Yorkies come in black and tan color but there is one unique category of Yorkie that comes in white color. The white colored Yorkie is termed as Parti Yorkie…. Read more »

Yorkie Video Master

Yorkie Jumping High on a Obstacle Course

Yorkie and her master processing through an obstacle course with some high flying jumps. This Yorkie is showing incredible jumping height, as she is jumping over twice the Yorkies height…. Read more »

Yorkie Shedding

All you Need to Know about Yorkie Shedding

Do Yorkshire Terriers Shed? Once you decide to have a pet Yorkie, the “shedding” question instantly comes to your mind. We all know that every dog sheds, except the hairless… Read more »

Yorkie Appearance

The Standard of Yorkshire Breed

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When these Yorkie puppies are small, people usually think that Yorkies are the most ideal and adorable pets to have, but you should carefully think while buying a Yorkie as… Read more »

Feeding a Yorkie

Tips on Feeding your Yorkie

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There are some foods that claim to be ideal for Yorkies and they have a different amount of calories present in them. Some foods are rich in calories while others… Read more »

Yorkie Video Master

Yorkies Playing and Training

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All kinds of Yorkies of different ages are shown in this video who are bubble chasing, posture training, shopping cart training, and balloon volleyball. These playful pups are enjoying many… Read more »

Yorkie Puppy Cut

Yorkie Puppy Cut

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As a Yorkie-puppy-owner, you might love to keep your pet’s hair long and fancy. But, long-haired Yorkie needs more frequent grooming and care. Hence, the best option is to opt… Read more »

Yorkie Hair Cuts

Cute Yorkie Haircuts

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Yorkshire Terrier is unique in the sense that you can experiment and play with various hairstyles and cuts. Basically, it is considered that there are only two variants of dog… Read more »