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Yorkies Puppies Enjoying Playing

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Several cute Yorkie puppies are out on the terrace in their plastic play tub, with blankets & toys, enjoying the outdoor. One of them finds a puppy carrying basket beside,… Read more »

Yorkie Video Master

Yorkie Jumping High on a Obstacle Course

Yorkie and her master processing through an obstacle course with some high flying jumps. This Yorkie is showing incredible jumping height, as she is jumping over twice the Yorkies height…. Read more »

Yorkie Video Master

Yorkies Playing and Training

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All kinds of Yorkies of different ages are shown in this video who are bubble chasing, posture training, shopping cart training, and balloon volleyball. These playful pups are enjoying many… Read more »

Yorkie Video Master

Sweet Long Hair Yorkie

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Two long-haired sweet Yorkie are playing and being anxious for a treat. After all the playing and being hot, each of the Yorkies have their tongue flipping out of their… Read more »

Yorkie Video Master

Yorkshire Terrier Puppy Playing with Ball

Cute and excitable Yorkie puppy playing with a squeaky ball by getting tough with the ball. He pounces on the ball like the formidable oppenent as he jumps and lunges… Read more »