Yorkshire Brushing

All about Brushing a Yorkshire Terrier

As discussed earlier, Yorkie is different from other dogs because it has hair, not fur. Hence, its owners are always keen for different hairstyles and haircuts. You should take great… Read more »

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Smallest Cutest Yorkie Puppy

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This is the smallest and the cutest small Yorkie you will ever have seen. No bigger than the palm of your hand. This mini Yorkie is dressed up in a… Read more »

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Fashionable Cute Puppy’s Stunts

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Misa Minnie has an amazing amount of tricks and duties to perform for her master, Misa is a star performer. Misa abilities include riding a skateboard, praying, bring a kleenex… Read more »

Yorkie with Eye Problems

What are Most Common Eye Infections Faced by Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkies are very fragile, therefore it is necessary to know about the minor problems of this breed so that the owner may be able to take care of the dog… Read more »

How to groom Yorkie at home

How to Groom a Yorkie at Home

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Grooming a Yorkshire Terrier is not at all a tough task, however, there are a few things necessary to understand and follow. Here, we will equip you with all the… Read more »

Yorkie- Health Problems

Health Problems Related to Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkies can be divided into three categories on the basis of health problems which are inherited, acquired, and congenital. If parents have any genetic disease then there are chances that… Read more »

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Wrestling of the Smallest Yorkshire Puppies

We have an exclusive super power battle of mini Yorkies. Two adorable Yorkie puppies are enjoying one another with some playful playing. Throwing the other down and gripping their opponent… Read more »

Yorkshire terrier-Are bananas good for them

Are Bananas Good for Yorkshire Terrier?

Yorkshire Terriers are considered among the most energetic breeds. Moreover, they are very delicate dogs by nature and need immense care. It is essential to provide a portion of healthy… Read more »

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The Snow Yorkie Dog

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Our snow Yorkie is having the time of his life. He is running with abandon, hopping in the deep snow, slow-mo running in the snow and of course dealing with… Read more »

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Yorkie in Teddy Bears Costume

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Teddy the Yorkie is in his new teddy bear costume, Mom bought it today but it is a little loose on Teddy and that is the why he’s not walking…. Read more »