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All about training the Yorkshire Terrier Breed.

House Training your Yorkie

Tips to House Tame a Yorkie Dog or Puppy

Training a Yorkie to be accommodated in a house is considered to be a demanding task to deal with. The new puppy-owners are often given the wrong impression that house… Read more »

Yorkie Video Master

Yorkie Running Around & Jumping

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This is the most intelligent Yorkie. The video has all kinds of jumping and chasing of the Yorkie’s favorite toy. Incredible slow motion of several huge jumps. This Yorkie will… Read more »

Excessive barking problem of yorkie

How to Reduce Yorkie’s Barking?

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It is quite natural for a dog to bark and it is the only way of expression for communicating their needs. You have to recognize the reasons of barking and… Read more »

Yorkies - Harness or Collar

Which is More Suitable for Yorkies – Harness or Collar?

The appearance of the dog is very important. The hairstyle and harness or collar play a significant role in the dog’s look. There are many owners who want to make… Read more »