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All about Health and Care of the Yorkshire Terrier.

Royal Canin Dog Food

Review of Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Yorkshire Terrier Adult Dry Dog Food

As we know that it is tough to find just the best dog food that you can give to the Yorkie, we have taken the liberty to scout the huge… Read more »

Yorkie with Eye Problems

What are Most Common Eye Infections Faced by Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkies are very fragile, therefore it is necessary to know about the minor problems of this breed so that the owner may be able to take care of the dog… Read more »

Yorkie- Health Problems

Health Problems Related to Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkies can be divided into three categories on the basis of health problems which are inherited, acquired, and congenital. If parents have any genetic disease then there are chances that… Read more »

Yorkshire terrier-Are bananas good for them

Are Bananas Good for Yorkshire Terrier?

Yorkshire Terriers are considered among the most energetic breeds. Moreover, they are very delicate dogs by nature and need immense care. It is essential to provide a portion of healthy… Read more »

Feeding a Yorkie

Tips on Feeding your Yorkie

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There are some foods that claim to be ideal for Yorkies and they have a different amount of calories present in them. Some foods are rich in calories while others… Read more »

Yorkshire Terrier- Hypoallergic

Are Yorkies Hypoallergenic?

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Yorkie is a small dog that carries huge love inside its heart. But the dog has many benefits other than its loving nature. One benefit of adopting this dog as… Read more »

Yorkshire terrier- Skin Problems and cures

Reasons and Cure of Yorkshire Terrier Skin Problems

The healthy skin of the Yorkshire Terrier is light pink, smooth and there is no irritation or cracking in the skin. Yorkies have very sensitive skin and a minor issue… Read more »

Yorkshire terrier- Are apples good for Yorkies

Are Apples Beneficial for Yorkies?

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As we know that dogs are carnivores but they also like to eat veggies. Many dogs get overweight or get sick because of people food that includes beans, bananas, citrus,… Read more »

Feeding Yorkie Right Meal

Feed Your Yorkie with the Right Meal

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Yorkshire Terriers are very small dogs, that’s why it is difficult for the owner to consider the appropriate quantity of the food for the dog. Overfeeding and underfeeding might result… Read more »

Feeding Yorkie

How to Feed a Yorkie?

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If you are keeping a Yorkie appropriately feed, it is the most important part of taking care of the dog. The quality of food that you feed your dog has… Read more »