5 Incredible Yorkshire Terrier Facts

The Yorkshire Terrier is a beloved breed of dog that has been popular for many years. They are small, energetic, and full of personality. If you’re considering adding one to your family or are just curious about this breed, here are five incredible facts about the Yorkshire Terrier that you should know.

First off, these dogs have an impressive history! The modern-day Yorkie was bred in England during the 19th century from various breeds, including Skye terriers and Maltese dogs. Their popularity quickly spread throughout Europe before becoming one of America’s most popular companion animals in the early 20th century.

yorkie photo
Yorkshire Terrier

Second, on our list is their size – despite being considered a toy dog due to their diminutive stature (typically weighing 4-7 pounds), they belong to the terrier group, which means they can be pretty feisty when it comes time for playtime! This also makes them highly loyal companions who will happily follow their owners around all day if given half a chance – so don’t let those tiny legs fool you into thinking they’re not up for some exercise now and then!

Thirdly, these little cuties may be tiny, but they sure make big impressions with their coats; Yorkies boast luxurious silky fur, which requires regular brushing and trimming sessions at least once per month to keep them looking neat & tidy (and free from tangles). On top of this grooming routine, however, there’s no need to worry too much as these pooches rarely shed, meaning less mess around your home overall!

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Fourthly we come onto perhaps what makes them truly unique: unlike other breeds whose personalities tend towards either timidness or aggression depending on how well socialized/trained etc., Yorkies generally display even temperaments making them great pets both indoors & out – plus, if raised correctly alongside children/other animals, etc., then expect lots love & loyalty back too – double bonus points right there!!

Last but certainly not least, it’s worth noting that while friendly by nature, Yorkies can sometimes exhibit signs of stubbornness during training sessions; luckily though, patience combined with positive reinforcement techniques usually works wonders here as rewards such as treats help encourage good behavior over time – so don’t give up hope just yet folks!!

It’s easy to see why Yorkshire Terriers remain such an enduring favorite amongst pet owners worldwide – hopefully, after reading through our 5 incredible facts today.

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